Killiam Shakespeare

By Green Soul (other events)

Friday, March 1 2019 8:00 PM 11:59 PM

Killiam Shakespeare is a Philadelphia based collective made up of the most respected talents in the music industry. 

At the core of the group, whose blend VB of soul, jazz and R&B puts them in a league of their own, are Corey Bernhard and Steve McKie.

Steve Mckie and Corey Bernhard are the minds behind Killiam Shakespeare, and they embody the spirit of constant creativity as they make music ALL the time in their home spot of Pine Studios in Philly. Killiam Season 1 is what happens when you take a mixtape over to Jazzy Jeff's house - spontaneous collaborative creation that transcends. Corey refelects on the visit: “Working with Jeff is like being next to a wizard…someone who connects with music on a deep level is rare and nothing to be taken for granted...”. -


Doors open at 8PM. Music starts at 9PM.

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